Nick Leone

FWT Palm Beach: Barrichello advances to the win after Norberg penalty in Senior ROK

After a thrilling race, Norberg demoted by ROK Cup officials from on track driving.

Eduardo Barrichello
Photo: Canadian Karting News

Leist, Norberg, MacDermid, Ramos. That has been the highlight thus far, and that would be our starting grid for the intense final that unfolded upon us.

To the delight of the rest, Diego Ramos after failing pre-final tech would start at the back. The young Brazilian with lighting pace would have to put on a show and fight his way through the field. As we got underway, the top three remained synonymous. One driver who failed to finish the pre-final was making immense progress as he gained 15 positions in just two laps. Brandon Simeone working the field as Diego Ramos attempted to follow were performing just the task that was required.

Back up front, someone who has been rather quiet all weekend was beginning to roar. Young Eduardo Barrichello had overtaken Ryan MacDermid for the third spot, in pursuit of both Norberg and Leist. On lap seven of twenty two, entering turn one Norberg made the late braking pass to take over the lead that he has been all so familiar with this weekend. However, Leist wasn't so keen on this as the two battled heavily allowing Barrichello to close right up to the duo. Norberg and Leist made contact repeatedly with numerous cross-overs, and entering turn two Barrichello made a daring yet brilliant round the outside pass over the leaders.

Norberg took the position back in turn four, leaving Leist with MacDermid hot on his tail. The two made contact and allowed Norberg and Barrichello to open up over a two second gap. Further back, Ramos had worked his way into ninth, and Simeone was up to eleventh. On the topic of making up time, back up front Leist had closed to the near three second gap to Barrichello and was throwing numerous fake outs to force the youngster into an error. He couldn't budge him, as Barrichello remained composed holding on to second to the finish. Norberg would comfortably take home the win, continuing his dominance.

*UPDATE Jan 24: A driving infraction was handed down to the Birel ART winning driver, moving him down the order to 3rd and promoting Barrichello to the win, followed by Leist.

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