Nick Leone

FWT Palm Beach: Magno Outlasts Rival Phillips in Master ROK

A late race failure for Philips removed any pressure from Magno.

Orsolon Racing celebrates
Gaia Magno celebrates with his team, Orsolon Racing. Photo: Canadian Karting News

Wes Phillips led the fifteen kart feild to the green, as for the first time this week things seemed to be out of the hands of Gaia Magno and into his. After a questionable start, Phillips held the lead as Magno was shuffled to fourth. Reminding us why he holds the reputation that he does, Magno worked his way to the lead within the first lap.

Now finding himself under pressure from Phillips, Magno was overtaken by Phillips only to reattain the lead two laps later. The gap to Popow in third was in excess of three seconds by the halfway margin, leaving little to no possibility for position change.

Approaching seven to go, Phillips and Magno commenced into battle, both visually aggressive and anxious to claim victory. With four to go, to the disbelief of us all, Philips suffered a mechanical failure and was forced to pull in. A standing ovation from the stands, and a wave to the crowd he walked away as Magno went on to take victory.

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