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FWT Palm Beach: Wickens promoted to win after Kremers penalty in Shifter ROK

Driving infraction given to Kremers on track promotes Wickens to victory in West Palm Beach.

Robert Wickens and Marijn Kremers
Newly appointed Schmidt Peterson Motorsports IndyCar driver, Robert Wickens (left), chats with Birel ART factory pilot Marijn Kremers on the pre-grid in Palm Beach. Photo: Canadian Karting News

Undoubtedly the most intense, undoubtedly the most exhilarating, Senior Shifter has given us heaps of entertainment. The main battle is between INDY Car driver Robert Wickens and BirelART factory driver Marijn Kremers. Danny Formal, AJ Meyers, Austin Garrison, and Matthias Ramirez would all play a huge roll in the unfolding of the final, and that they did. As Barrichello would start from the back of the grid, there would be action occurring from both sides of the field. With Formal being involved in turn one incidents, and further accidents mid pack, we saw Rory Van Der Steur and Jimmy Cabrera in the mix, finally being able to stretch their legs and show their pace.

As Robert Wickens began pulling a gap over the lead group, Kremers made the crucial move for second needed to keep any chance of victory alive. Myers now under heavy fire would be overtaken by Garrison and Ramirez. It seemed Wickens wasn't safe after all, Kremers and Garrison were clocking in two tenths faster per lap. Garrison put Kremers under heavy fire, getting by with eyes set on the lead. The top eight were all in contention, with eight place being none other than Rubens Barrichello.

With three to go, in the back section of the circuit, we saw our leaders begin battling, which moved Kremers to second pushing for the lead with two laps remaining. He did just that with a turn one overtake, as he would lead the final lap and hold it till the checkered.

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