Rotax announces new partnerships for their U.S.A. karting business

New partners assigned to northern and southern regions of the United States Rotax MAX market.

New northern and southern regions have been developed, with J3 Competition managing the northern and RTX USA Group managing the southern.

BRP-Rotax  takes  pleasure  today  in  introducing  two  new  partners  as  the  official  Rotax  distributors  for  the  kart  sector  of  their  U.S.A.  business,  bringing  together  their  extensive  experience  in  the  sport  to  meet  the  current  demands  of  this  highly  competitive  market.

Effective immediately, J3 Competition and RTX USA Group will take over managing the north and south regions respectively, working in alliance to service and develop the Rotax customer base, while building the participation of the Rotax MAX Challenge race series throughout the U.S.A.

“During the last months we have investigated a lot in the U.S. market needs.  It is therefore gratifying to announce our two new distributors for the USA karting business; J3 Competition who is taking over the northern territory and RTX USA Group the Southern Federal States.  With these two partners on board we are confident to move forward in a very positive direction to support our U.S. customers as well as to improve the sales- and service structure,” says Peter Oelsinger, vice-president Rotax Propulsion Systems and Finance.

“We would like to thank SRA Karting, our distributor for Canada, who had taken over the U.S. market on an interim basis, for their efforts the last 14 months. During the phase-out period until the end of the karting season, SRA Karting will provide its assistance to the new distributors. It goes without saying also that the US Grand Nationals / US Open in New Jersey in July will be supported by SRA Karting as initially planned,” added Peter Oelsinger.

J3 Competition Inc. has become a well-known player in the worldwide karting industry, where the impressive standard of service and results are represented through their performance-driven approach.  A dedicated focus of growing the sport, while providing a high-level of technical and service knowledge is undeniable and a large principle of the company's purpose and direction.

J3 Management says that it aims to continue to strengthen the level of participation in karting with a new portfolio of activities as it reintroduces all of the BRP-Rotax product lines into the U.S. market by directly distributing ROTAX engines and parts, MOJO tyres and XPS lubricants in the northern region*. 

“Our organization has been dedicated 100% to the sport of karting and the addition of the BRP-Rotax range of products only continues our focus to grow the sport even further.  With a clear-cut objective, we are really excited to begin with this new project.”

Having represented Rotax and the Rotax MAX Challenge in the Latin American market for more than 12 years with an increasing number of drivers and thriving relationships, RTX USA Group brings their combined experience to boost the current distribution network and has set the objective to re-establish the Rotax karting world-leading brand within the United States.

“Our group members have been in the karting and automotive industries for years, many of which have been kart drivers, track owners and event organizers, who understand first-hand what is required to ensure an enjoyable racing environment for all competitors,” explains Ronald Albrecht, Managing Director RTX USA Group.

“After developing a strong Rotax distribution network in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia, all with completely different needs, regulations, conditions, etc. we have learned to identify more effective ways to define and adapt in order to perform, while ultimately delivering the service and support to meet the various demands of our karting customers and network.”

Both J3 Competition and RTX USA Group team members will be trackside at the upcoming Rotax US Grand Nationals & US Open of New Jersey July 4-8 to support their local competitors.

*By following the link here, you can locate your new U.S. distributor and contact them directly —

For more information about Rotax karting, please visit the webpage

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