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Difficult weekend for Leonardo Marseglia at La Conca

Kart Republic's Leonardo Marseglia fought like hell to grab a good result at La Conca.

Leonardo Marseglia
Leonardo Marseglia.

The karting track in Muro Leccese is one of the toughest of the world, both physically and technically speaking. It's really hard to find a perfect set-up to balance the fast part of the track with the slower one, especially because the track changes its conditions from session to session.

Leonardo Marseglia struggled all the weekend to adapt his driving style to Kart Republic's chassis. The 15 years old driver from Ostuni started the weekend on Friday with the 31st time in qualifying and he was protagonist of a great comeback in the first heat in the afternoon, leapfrogging from grid 15th up to 8th. On Saturday the weather got blustery and it carried some powder on the track, forcing Leonardo to change his set-up. This has affected his performance and he finished the second and third heats in 12th and 21st.

On Sunday the weather changed once again: it was warm and sunny. Leonardo started the prefinal A on grid 13th and he finished 14th. In the afternoon before the final, the wind came back at La Conca. Leonardo started on grid 27th, but he slipped back to 31st after the first lap. He recovered some positions during the race, crossing the line in 23rd.

“It was really hard — confirms Leonardo — This track is phisically demanding and technically difficult to interpretate. I've been struggling with the set up since Saturday, when the track changed after the first day of action. I had a few problems in the middle of the corner. My mechanic and the team did their best to fix this situation, but we weren't able to find a solution to solve these problems. We will be in Sarno in two weeks time, I hope to have stable and good climatic conditions! By the way I'd like to thanks Dino and all the team for the support they gave me during this weekend.”

Here are the results from La Conca.

Leonardo Marseglia
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Leonardo Marseglia turns 38th place in qualifying into a top ten result

A great comeback by Leonardo Marseglia at the first WSK round in Sarno.

20180411 Marseglia Sarno
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Leonardo Marseglia knocked out by contact

Apulian Leonardo Marseglia was knocked out by a contact during the second lap of the final.

20180407 Kosmic Stanek
Bad luck for the Kosmic Racing Department in Sarno

The Kosmic Racing Department's drivers penalized by the weather conditions.

20180206 Tonykart Vidales
The bad weather complicates the first round of the WSK Super Master Series

The weather, the true protagonist of the race, made the Racing Team's seasonal debut very difficult

20180407 Tonykart Ardigo
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On the circuit of Sarno, Marco Ardigò has cleaned out the KZ2 category.

20180205 Irlando
Kart360 Press Department
Winning season opener in Adria for Alex Irlando

The driver from Locorotondo was protagonist of an amazing comeback from 18th in qualifying to an overwhelming victory.

Leonardo Marseglia
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Solid P6 at the CIK-FIA European Championship for Leonardo Marseglia

Leonardo Marseglia returns from Sarno with the 7th position in championship after an amazing comeback in final.

Pedro Hiltbrand
CRG, Hiltbrand and Bortoleto protagonist of WSK in Adria

The first round of the WSK Super Master Series at the Adria Karting Raceway has welcomed Pedro Hiltbrand's comeback to CRG, and he has been shining in OK putting in a good performance. Gabriel Bortoleto also had a solid run in OK-Junior.

20180414 Vortex Ardigo
Vortex and Aridgò WSK Champions in Sarno

On the occasion of the last WSK round at the Sarno circuit, Marco Ardigò brought the Vortex engines to success in KZ2 class, while in OKJ they shone thanks to Paul Aron.

20180404 Irlando Sarno
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A dramatic comeback concludes an unlucky weekend for Alex Irlando

A fast Alex Irlando was pushed out at the first corner in the final race, forcing him to recover from the back.

Patrik Hajek
Patrik Hajek and Kosmic on the podium of the last WSK round

On the Sarno circuit Hajek took on the podium the Kosmic Racing Department's colors.