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Bold move for Barros secures the win in KA100 Senior Final

New 100cc category unsurprisingly comes down to the final corners.

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Posted by SuperKarts! USA on Sunday, November 18, 2018

In a race you knew would come down to the final lap did just that. Steven Barros had his machine dialed in for Sunday after running a rather mediocre set of heats by any standard. The Redlands, California driver who's family has a long history in West Coast 100cc karting came away with the KA100 Senior main event win in one of the most impressive races of the day.

In the early going, the lead trio of Josh Hotz (Franklin / Merlin), Dakota Pesek (Top Kart USA), and Colton Ramsey (Innovative Performance / Exprit) had broken away to a small advantage over the field. Barros, in fourth, methodically ran down the Midwestern trio, eliminating the gap to Ramsey as they neared the halfway mark. From there, the quartet could not be separated, running nose-to-tail just as this category is designed for.

With a lap and a half left, Pesek got into the turn 11 barrier, ending his day. It's unclear if he had any help getting into the wall, but it was a terribly disappointing way to end the week for a driver who was inside the top three in every heat. Surprisingly, the accident didn't disrupt the top three as they came down to the final lap.

With three corners to go, Hotz held the lead, but Barros made a move that few had achieved that week, passing in the middle of the turn 9-10-11 complex. When the leaders finally came back into view from behind the grand stands, Barros had the lead as he looked over his shoulder to see where the pressure would come from. Holding off Hotz's attempt at a pass into the final corner, Barros grabbed the win, pumping his fist in the air.

Hotz finished second in the provisional standings, but a jumped start docked the Merlin driver 5-seconds, demoting him to third. Ramsey advanced to second, followed by Scott Foster and Tomas Mejia in fourth and fifth.

Race Results - Top Five

2018 SKUSA SuperNationals XXII KA100 Senior Final
Rnk # Driver Gap Best Time
1 #903 Steve Barros Winner! 45.799
2 #900 Colton Ramsey 0.32 45.89
3 #922 Josh Hotz 5.246 45.895
4 #904 Scott Foster 5.277 45.923
5 #905 Nick Ramirez 5.569 45.738
Full standings
Rnk # Driver Gap Best Time
6 #908 Pauly Massimino 5.958 46.055
7 #942 Neil Alberico 6.022 45.773
8 #924 Austin Osborne 6.26 45.791
9 #906 Stephen Dial 9.166 45.993
10 #950 Tomas Mejia 10.329 45.9
11 #976 Everest Fedler 12.803 45.808
12 #956 Abby McLaughlin 13.089 46.076
13 #945 Greg Welch 14.641 45.905
14 #918 Cole Nelson 15.658 45.76
15 #917 Blake Hunt 15.849 45.663
16 #915 Ben Hewitt 17.469 46.093
17 #946 Jason Pettit 17.65 45.858
18 #986 Zachary Hollingshead 17.961 46.141
19 #913 Jenson Altzman 18.938 46.038
20 #972 Aaron Bromberek 19.379 45.808
21 #978 Henry Falls-Hand 19.744 45.958
22 #968 TJ Koyen 19.93 45.685
23 #953 Evan Stamer 19.943 45.887
24 #977 Arie Venberg 20.499 46.336
25 #935 Grant LeClaire 20.517 45.932
26 #939 Cesar Campos Jr. 21.329 46.128
27 #975 Nick Persing 25.154 46.139
28 #909 Brett Harrelson 28.75 46.195
29 #911 Alan Cortes 29.5 46.559
30 #925 Daniel Ferguson 31.048 46.495
31 #996 Jake Sawyer 32.313 45.824
32 #931 John Crow 33.431 46.591
33 #957 Bryce Berry 35.985 47.051
DNF #927 Jordan Bernloehr 11 LAPS 46.349
DNF #958 Conor Daly
DNF #970 Jared Bell
DNS #988 Edward Portz
DQ #979 Dakota Pesek 2 LAPS 45.862
DQ #902 Nathan Martin 17 LAPS 49.505
40 #930 Oscar Priest 28.944 45.789
DQ #969 Travis Reisig 10 LAPS 46.514
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