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Flawless week for Foster in X30 Master

Race video, report, and results of X30 Master Final at SuperNationals XXII.

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Posted by SuperKarts! USA on Sunday, November 18, 2018

In a category of 75 drivers, going unbeaten from qualifying to the final checkered flag is a feat very few, have ever accomplished. Kip Foster (KartSport NA / KF Kart) not only pulled off that unbelievable feat, he has now moved into elite company as a three-time winner at the SKUSA SuperNationals, picking up the win in X30 Master.

Foster had tremendous pressure early from Matt Johnson (Nash / FA Kart), but the Californian started to fade around the halfway mark, giving way to Foster's compatriot, Jason Burns. The Aussies raced well out front in first and second, with burns tracking down Foster to a few tenths of a second. Burns, however, never could get to the rear bumper of Foster as the former two-time winner never put a wheel wrong down the stretch.

Renato David climbed all the way up to the third spot, gaining seven positions. Billy Cleavelin (RPG / Kosmic) and Scott Saunders (NSR / DR Kart) completed the five kart podium in fourth and fifth provisionally, but would be penalized post race for on track incidents. Those penalties promoted Laurentiu Mardan (Techno Kart USA) and Luis Schiavo (SVK) into the top five. Both drivers drove their tails off, up 20 spots combined.

Johnson appeared to be taken out with a handful of laps left, with his day ending in the barriers. Leonardo Neinkotter qualified 75th on Thursday due to engine issues and made his way all the way up to 13th in the final standings.

Race Results - Top Five

2018 SKUSA SuperNationals XXII X30 Master Final
Rnk # Driver Gap Best Time
1 #520 Kip Foster Winner! 43.945
2 #526 Jason Burns 0.184 43.78
3 #525 Renato David 3.741 43.921
4 #582 Laurentiu Mardan 5.32 43.958
5 #564 Luis Schiavo 5.559 43.977
Full standings
Rnk # Driver Gap Best Time
6 #3 Jess Peterson 5.765 44.076
7 #502 Scott Saunders 5.163 44.01
8 #511 Carlos Calderon 6.43 43.952
9 #535 Gustavo Carreira 6.588 43.942
10 #547 Bruno Martins 6.784 43.873
11 #576 Darin Marcus 7.012 43.964
12 #1 Leonardo Nienkotter 8.93 44.063
13 #558 Billy Cleavelin 9.919 43.926
14 #586 Billy Lewis 9.938 44.078
15 #534 Carlos Medina 12.122 44.175
16 #514 Guido Elustondo 12.968 44.182
17 #509 Pedro Cabrera 13.783 44.132
18 #529 Michael Patrizi 14.286 44.056
19 #585 Travis Irving 14.303 44.244
20 #505 Alessandro Xavier 16.485 44.192
21 #512 Nick de Graaf 18.945 43.998
22 #581 Vatche Tatikian 19.666 44.346
23 #599 Frank Runco 22.163 44.29
24 #521 Mikko Laine 22.295 44.135
25 #583 Cristian Vomir 22.402 44.368
26 #567 Armando Watson 24.129 44.159
27 #537 Asael Solis 25.512 44.31
28 #577 Miguel Mier 26.79 44.448
29 #563 Pippa Mann 27.154 44.593
30 #545 Miguel Gaston Perez 8.719 43.992
31 #504 Gerardo Isaac Maya Wolf 33.212 44.458
DNF #523 Barbara Anagnostiadis 2 LAPS 44.252
33 #568 Kris Walton 15.665 44.111
DNF #527 Matt Johnson 8 LAPS 44.144
DNF #544 Kevin Manning 11 LAPS 44.402
DNF #546 Eric Molinatti 12 LAPS 44.574
DQ #588 Derek Wang 8 LAPS 43.884
DQ #518 Danillo Ramalho
DNF #587 Diego Pelosi 15 LAPS 44.717
40 #507 Eduardo Dieter 24.48 44.267
DQ #543 Scott Roberts
Arthur Leist celebrates
Johnny Johnson
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