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Wharton outduels Zilisch in KA100 Junior

Two drivers well out front had themselves a duel on the final lap.

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Posted by SuperKarts! USA on Sunday, November 18, 2018

In an impressive runaway from the field, Aussie James Wharton and American Connor Zilisch had set the stage for the final lap very early in the 20-lap KA100 Junior main event. Both drivers had taken their turn out front, but neither could breakaway from the other.

As the final lap commenced, Wharton and Zilisch drove side by side nearly the entire way from turn two to turn six, but ultimately Wharton had the inside advantage into turn six. Zilisch tried to set up for the over-under, but had went a bit too wide, putting his outside tires into the dirty part of the track, losing too much traction to make a solid effort.

Wharton drove the rest of the way to the win, as Zilisch tried to go under Wharton at the line but fell short by just .034.

Over eight seconds behind was the fight for third, which saw Kaden Wharff (Top Kart USA) prevail over Dylan Christie (MDR / Kosmic) and Bryson Morris (Comet Kart Sales / Kart Republic)..

Multiple-time heat winner, Luca Mars, continued to fall down the order as the race went on, finishing a disappointing 10th. It was not the race he and his team had expected after leading something like 30 of the 36 laps in the three heats.

Race Results - Top Five

2018 SKUSA SuperNationals XXII KA100 Junior Final
Rnk # Driver Gap Best Time
1 #613 James Wharton Winner! 45.96
2 #672 Connor Zilisch 0.034 45.947
3 #614 Kaden Wharff 8.741 46.501
4 #622 Dylan Christie 8.779 46.518
5 #639 Bryson Morris 9.21 46.251
Full standings
Rnk # Driver Gap Best Time
6 #642 Donald Whorton ll 10.013 46.246
7 #677 Kyffin Simpson 10.347 46.194
8 #612 Alan Tang 10.605 46.588
9 #669 Luca Mars 19.371 46.055
10 #609 Garrett Adams 20.241 46.682
11 #600 Ben Taylor 20.368 46.805
12 #641 Adam Maxwell 20.74 46.486
13 #689 Hunter Yeany 21.19 46.398
14 #623 Spencer Lofton 22.741 46.51
15 #675 Aiden Kempf 22.92 46.253
16 #604 William Cox 23.807 46.645
17 #652 Tyler Ruth 24.347 46.514
18 #616 Coady Gorringe 24.425 46.304
19 #691 Cooper Becklin 24.847 46.41
20 #699 Jacob Douglas 25.903 46.729
21 #631 Steven Grafton 26.081 46.78
22 #633 Jalen Mack 26.435 46.787
23 #610 Lanie Benjamin 32.441 47.227
24 #668 Ethan Ho 32.534 46.617
25 #681 Lucas Smalec 32.822 46.669
26 #680 Frankie Mossman 37.912 47.163
DNF #601 Jacob Yesnick 10 LAPS 47.785
DNF #648 Tyler Wettengel 12 LAPS 46.864
DNF #659 Santiago Alejandro Lopez 13 LAPS 47.967
DNF #686 Ryan Shehan 15 LAPS 47.222
DNF #611 Jacob Graham
DNF #696 Luke Sawyer
DNS #619 Eddie Shimmon
DNS #674 Tyler Maxson
DQ #678 Oliver Calvo 13.085 46.178
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