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Cooper emerges on final lap in X30 Senior

Brooks collides with Travisanutto, opening the door for Cooper.

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Posted by SuperKarts! USA on Sunday, November 18, 2018

The saavy veteran Ben Cooper has emerged from the dust-up on the final lap as the winner in X30 Senior. This was the first large-scale event Cooper has run in quite some time, showing us just how smart and talented of a driver he is. 

The race took many forms at different stages, but in the end it was a seven or eight kart train at the front with the leaders blocking and the followers trying to figure out how to get by. Everyone knew the last lap scuffle was coming in X30 Senior and it came with a bang.  On the final lap, Lorenzo Travisanutto led the field, followed by Christian Brooks who had just joined the fight at the front. As the lead pack made their way into turn four, Brooks went for the lead over the World Champion, knocking sidepods and blowing them both off line. This allowed an opening for Cooper, who had been in third at the time, and he took full advantage.

Zane Maloney all of a sudden found himself in second, all the way from the sixth spot due to the carnage. Maloney, from Barbedos, had qualified on the provisional pole on Thursday but a penalty took him down to 10th. It was a crazy event unfolding in turn four on the final lap and every kart in the top seven or eight changed multiple positions.

Down the stretch they came and Cooper was able to hold off Maloney. Cedrik Lupien, who had started on pole and ran in the lead for a short while, made it through to third.

Brooks had finished fourth on track, but the move by the Global Rally Cross driver on Travisanutto was deemed avoidable contact, dropping him to 14th. This promoted Matheus Morgatto, all the way from 21st, to fourth position. In his first ever Senior event, the Brazilian showcased what we already knew — his incredible talent behind the wheel.

Canadian Ryan MacDermid would rise to fifth, a 10-kart improvement from his starting position.

Race Results - Top Five

2018 SKUSA SuperNationals XXII X30 Senior Final
Rnk # Driver Gap Best Time
1 #331 Ben Cooper Winner! 43.202
2 #362 Zane Maloney 0.061 43.144
3 #309 Cedrik Lupien 0.193 43.064
4 #376 Matheus Morgatto 1.407 43.096
5 #6 Ryan MacDermid 1.558 43.193
Full standings
Rnk # Driver Gap Best Time
6 #364 Lorenzo Travisanutto 1.715 43.102
7 #342 Jake Craig 1.958 43.052
8 #306 Pedro Hiltbrand 2.331 43.079
9 #340 Olin Galli 2.686 43.283
10 #370 Guilherme Peixoto 3.148 43.274
11 #397 Zachary Claman 3.58 43.124
12 #335 Brenden Baker 3.993 43.24
13 #352 Marco Maestranzi 5.454 43.247
14 #334 Christian Brooks 1.356 43.072
15 #302 Emiliano Richards 5.603 43.223
16 #369 Jake Drew 5.719 43.418
17 #321 Reece Cohen 9.074 43.273
18 #337 Joseph Daniele 10.368 43.445
19 #327 Miklas Born 10.8 43.23
20 #307 Billy Musgrave 11.45 43.217
21 #374 Nick Brueckner 14.477 43.389
22 #333 Justin Francis 14.996 43.124
23 #386 Austin McCusker 16.219 43.365
24 #310 Cameron Longmore 16.34 43.385
25 #1 Ryan Norberg 16.979 43.537
26 #377 Sonny Cervelli 17.22 43.448
27 #318 Alejandro Jaramillo 17.691 43.558
28 #379 AJ Myers 18.578 43.413
29 #330 Milane Petelet 19.35 43.465
30 #315 Jacob Gulick 20.652 43.288
31 #393 Tahlon Yockel 22.124 43.457
32 #2 Samuel Lupien 1 LAP 43.086
33 #314 Leigh Nicolaou 11.786 43.114
34 #338 Brandon Jarsocrak 1 LAP 43.1
DNF #399 Nick Persing 5 LAPS 43.827
DNF #308 Hannah Greenemeier 12 LAPS 43.552
DNF #328 Trey Brown 14 LAPS 43.928
DNF #396 David Sera 15 LAPS 43.443
DNF #3 Dante Yu 18 LAPS 43.553
DNF #378 Rafael Villagomez 19 LAPS 44.204
DNF #395 Joshua Car 23 LAPS 44.973
DNS #301 Jorge Pescador
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