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Musgrave makes it two in a row in Shifter Pro

Race video, report, and results for Shifter Pro at SuperNationals XXII.

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Posted by SuperKarts! USA on Sunday, November 18, 2018

All it took in the Pro Shifter final was a perfect launch for Billy Musgrave to back up his 2017 SuperNationals win in Shifter Pro. The kid from Riverside immediately stretched a one-second gap on the Pro Tour Champion, AJ Myers, in the early going. The two ran nearly identical times throughout the 25-lap final which shows how important that early gap was for Musgrave.

The Pro Shifters had not yet run at night this week. I thought maybe the colder evening would throw a wrench into the mix, but Musgrave and Myers nailed their setups as the top two fastest drivers on track.

The gap between the top two did not change much down the stretch as Musgrave picked up the win by .698, which sounds closer than it really was. Myers turned in a solid performance this week, even more so knowing this was his first big effort with the new Mad Croc team.

Matt Hamilton turned in a really impressive drive in the final, climbing up two spots to third. The Kiwi driver could enter the Shifter Master class but he put it all on the line in the pro category and it's evident that he belongs with the elite.

Danny Formal had to play from behind the eight ball all week after a clutch issue in qualifying. The Costa Rican ultimately finished the week in fourth, a 19 position improvement. Kyle Wick backed up his earlier podium in KZ with another, finishing fifth.

Race Results - Top Five

2018 SKUSA SuperNationals XXII Pro Shifter Final
Rnk # Driver Gap Best Time
1 #3 Billy Musgrave Winner! 40.695
2 #1 AJ Myers 0.698 40.719
3 #109 Matt Hamilton 6.213 40.758
4 #137 Danny Formal 8.59 40.796
5 #2 Kyle Wick 9.243 40.912
Full standings
Rnk # Driver Gap Best Time
6 #146 Jason Pettit 9.735 40.846
7 #169 Joey Wimsett 9.93 40.857
8 #118 Mathias Ramirez 10.311 40.796
9 #114 Kristijan Habulin 10.752 40.831
10 #112 Collin Daley 15.068 40.907
11 #111 Francesco Celenta 17.688 41.003
12 #160 Prescott Campbell 18.272 40.957
13 #122 Max Hewitt 18.486 40.824
14 #121 Cameron Egger 18.633 41.109
15 #104 Josh Lane 19.622 41.148
16 #136 Hunter Pickett 19.987 40.914
17 #192 Callum Smith 21.701 41.135
18 #128 Devon Smith-Harden 22.554 41.159
19 #123 Zach Schiff 23.504 41.137
20 #117 Zach Pettinicchi 24.511 41.286
21 #150 Ryan Rudolph 24.908 41.045
22 #188 Matias Podboj 25.855 41.01
23 #155 Matt Jaskol 26.254 41.2
24 #02 Blair Hosie 26.437 41.076
25 #132 Dean Heldt 27.323 41.063
26 #173 Micah Hendricks 28.431 41.283
27 #177 Worawong Komarakul 30.453 41.326
28 #105 Matt Paesch 31.994 41.242
29 #100 Daniel Morales 32.142 41.39
DNF #110 Mark Snyder 3 LAPS 41.46
DNF #103 Evan Batt
DNF #151 Anthony Freese 5 LAPS 41.856
DNF #127 Michael Korody 7 LAPS 41.464
DNF #154 Tyler Guilbeault 7 LAPS 41.576
DNF #131 David Kalb Jr. 9 LAPS 41.799
DNF #120 Josh Weis 9 LAPS 41.926
DNF #116 Cody Elliott 12 LAPS 41.19
DNF #119 Ryan Lankenau 16 LAPS 43.25
DNF #199 Tim Hollowell 16 LAPS 42.135
DNF #138 Dan Monteiro 16 LAPS 42.781
DNF #178 Andrew Bujdoso 18 LAPS 41.222
DNF #186 Kol Bailey 18 LAPS 41.468
DNF #144 Reilly Cann 18 LAPS 42.063
DNF #129 Rory van der Steur 21 LAPS 41.331
DNF #101 Jeremy Iglesias 21 LAPS 41.082
DNF #107 Emiliano Salazar
DNF #142 Hunter Kelly
DNF #102 Pedro Hiltbrand
DNS #145 Davey Hamilton Jr.
DNS #124 Christian Bird
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