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Fairbairn rises to the occasion in X30 Junior Final

Fairbairn carved through the field and took the lead at the halfway mark.

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Posted by SuperKarts! USA on Sunday, November 18, 2018

After an up and down set of heat races, Jeremy Fairbairn (Supertune USA / Tony Kart) has captured the win in the 20-lap X30 Junior main event, edging the reigning SuperNationals Champion Jak Crawford (Nash / Kosmic).

Fairbairn had to start from the 10th place due to an unfortunate heat 2 where he finished outside the top 20. That didn't stop the lanky Floridian from knifing through the field with ease in the opening laps, having moved into second place by lap five. At that point, the polesitter Crawford had a distant 2-second lead and had looked dominant in the early going. Fairbairn made just as easy work of that as he did getting into second, cutting the lead down to .2 in just five laps.

At the halfway point, Crawford led Fairbairn by the slimmest of margins and that's when Fairbairn dove to the inside of the turn two hairpin to take the lead for the first time. Despite having lap times four to five-tenths quicker than Crawford, Fairbairn was unable to pull away. Crawford kept his Kosmic in the tow of the taller Fairbairn, pulling up to the rear bumper each time down the long backstretch.

During the final two circuits, Fairbairn was able to gap Crawford just enough to where the Texan had lost some of that draft and could not close in enough to make a final lunge in the closing laps. Fairbairn went untouched to the checkered flag, followed by Crawford.

The race for third was intense down the stretch, with a trio of drivers fighting for a better podium position. Gabrielle Mini (Parolin) went from fifth to third in the closing two laps to grab the bronze, followed by Luca Mars (Speed Concepts / Tony Kart) who set the quick lap of the race, and Connor Zilisch (Team Felon / Tony Kart) in fifth.

A ninth place finish doesn't usually make our reports, but this time it should count for something. Jace Denmark-Gessel (RPM / Tony Kart) climbed 15 spots in the final to get just inside the top 10. Why is that significant? He qualified 76th. That's a 67 place difference from Thursday to Sunday. I think it's safe to say that Denmark-Gessell would have been in the fight for the win had qualifying gone in a better direction.

Race Results - Top Five

2018 SKUSA SuperNationals XXII X30 Junior Final
Rnk # Driver Gap Best Time
1 #3 Jeremy Fairbairn Winner! 43.777
2 #746 Gabriele Mini 5.068 43.706
3 #752 Jak Crawford 0.166 43.783
4 #747 Luca Mars 5.262 43.619
5 #772 Connor Zilisch 5.27 43.698
Full standings
Rnk # Driver Gap Best Time
6 #704 Tymoteusz Kucharczyk 5.796 43.716
7 #744 John Burke 8.836 43.862
8 #773 Justin Arseneau 9.868 43.81
9 #708 Jace Denmark-Gessel 15.361 43.865
10 #719 Kas Haverkort 15.549 43.779
11 #758 Sebastian Montoya 13.371 43.857
12 #742 Felipe Barrichello Bartz 15.777 43.758
13 #741 Fernando Barrichello 20.864 44.117
14 #714 Josh Pierson 21.056 43.715
15 #765 Mackenzie Clark 21.249 43.874
16 #717 Joey Brienza 21.9 44.166
17 #754 Nicola Zecchinato 22.001 44.247
18 #713 James Wharton 22.1 43.879
19 #711 Jonathon Marcusson 23.253 43.993
20 #1 Arias Deukmedjian 13.475 43.941
21 #798 Oliver Calvo 25.168 44.198
22 #721 Maximilian Opalski 25.356 44.287
23 #777 Kyffin Simpson 25.703 43.795
24 #763 Cole Morgan 26.338 43.667
25 #703 Diego Contecha 33.641 44.206
26 #783 Dustin Salaverria 33.889 44.713
27 #756 Jorge Garciarce 35.067 44.465
28 #769 Branyon Tiner 35.292 44.792
29 #734 Pedro Aizza 36.514 44.41
30 #797 Alex Lloyd 37.544 44.533
31 #716 Adrian Cruz 37.568 44.276
32 #724 Thomas Nepveu 37.726 44.079
33 #755 Reece Gold 38.585 44.555
34 #737 Ian Aguilera 40.46 44.448
DNF #706 Matthew Marrocco 1 LAP 44.035
DNF #723 Santiago Trisini
DNF #779 Aidan Fox
DNS #757 Tyler Gonzalez
DNF #751 Angus Wallace 3 LAPS 45.143
40 #727 Tagosam Salazar 37.376 44.204
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