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Maier moves to first on final lap in Micro Swift

Micro Swift Final report.

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Posted by SuperKarts! USA on Sunday, November 18, 2018

Cameron Brinkman (Franklin / Merlin) had taken over the lead from Ben Maier (Nitro Kart) as the two crossed the white flags and started down their final lap. However, Brinkman did not take a defensive line as they raced down the mini-straight into turn four, allowing Maier to overtake the Springfield, Illinois driver and put his Nitro Kart back into the lead.

The rest was history, as Maier controlled the final half-lap. Brinkman made an attempt at the win out of the final corner, but ultimately losing by .090.

Max Garcia (KartSport NA / Kart Republic) and Tristan Young (Nitro Kart) ran in the quartet of karts at the front for the entire race. Neither could find their way to the lead and with a small gap between them and the two leaders, could only watch the race for the win unfold in front of them. Garcia would grab the bronze just ahead of the reach of Young.

All the way from 39th in qualifying, Caleb Gafarar (Russell / Parolin) grabbed the final spot on the podium in fifth. An engine that just would not fire on the grid was the culprit and was ultimately the reason we couldn’t watch one of the great talents in Micro fight for the win this weekend. It was a valiant drive by the North Carolinian to make it all the way onto the podium on SuperSunday.

Race Results - Top Five

2018 SKUSA SuperNationals XXII Micro Swift Final
Rnk # Driver Gap Best Time
1 #3 Ben Maier Winner! 48.983
2 #98 Cameron Brinkman 0.09 48.791
3 #1 Max Garcia 0.697 48.977
4 #46 Tristan Young 0.993 48.975
5 #2 Caleb Gafrarar 2.127 49.003
Full standings
Rnk # Driver Gap Best Time
6 #20 Ivanna Richards 3.658 49.247
7 #49 Kristian Janev 9.204 49.072
8 #85 Logan Julien 10.681 49.327
9 #78 Ethan Ayars 10.739 49.177
10 #37 Cameron Weinberg 10.835 49.158
11 #13 Logan Chambers 10.953 49.189
12 #93 John Antonino 17.981 49.226
13 #96 Peter Bouzinelos 18.168 49.325
14 #14 Enzo Beltrao Nienkotter 18.918 49.42
15 #26 Matias Orjuela 21.854 49.358
16 #21 Aryton Grim 24.208 49.469
17 #88 Salim Hanna 25.468 49.719
18 #95 Enzo Vidmontiene 25.524 49.757
19 #50 Gavan Boschele 26.656 49.349
20 #57 Ethan Thorne 27.734 49.335
21 #97 Luis Umana 27.859 49.988
22 #25 Alexander Gonzalez 28.482 49.75
23 #19 Ragan Saville 29.354 49.862
24 #86 Ava Dobson 29.546 49.541
25 #99 Graham Trammell 29.552 49.859
26 #83 Lewis Francis 29.94 49.973
27 #15 Caden Chrisman 31.196 49.764
28 #71 Rocky Moran 32.082 49.948
29 #55 Fernando Luque 32.385 49.857
30 #7 Beckham Jacir 31.033 49.954
31 #33 Jack Iliffe 35.162 49.237
32 #10 Salvatore Rodriguez 39.72 50.438
33 #34 Keagan Kaminski 40.3 50.54
34 #11 Mario Said 40.574 50.465
DNF #42 Jay Urwin 1 LAP 49.281
DNF #43 Alex Mercado 5 LAPS 50.595
DNF #12 Javier Herrera 5 LAPS 50.911
DNF #22 Spencer Conrad
DNS #88 Salim Hanna
DNS #77 Cameron Myers
DQ #51 Maison Rudman 10 LAPS 49.811
DNF #27 Alfie Slater 9 LAPS 49.69
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